The Last Detail - Services

Stage 1

Hand Wash

This includes a 2-bucket hand-wash with professional grade products to clean the vehicle's paint. The wheels are cleaned and decontaminated to remove all possible break dust and iron contamination. Tires are de-greased before a fresh layer of tire coating is applied. Door jams are also cleaned and crevices will be blown out with high pressure air to remove standing water. 

Completion Time - 2-4 hours.

*A complimentary interior vacuum and light interior clean is included.

S Vehicle - $65.00 for initial wash / $60.00 for return wash

M/L Vehicle - $75.00 for initial wash / $70.00 for return wash.


Stage 2

Hand Wash and Seal (6-month)

This includes a wash with safe solutions to remove the any pre-existing wax that is on the vehicle. Wheels will be decontaminated after cleaning. The 6-month sealant will then be applied to give the paint some added protection and gloss.

This takes approximately 4-5 hrs.


S Vehicle - $100.00

M Vehicle - $110.00

L Vehicle - $120.00

Stage 3

Paint Enhancement

Hand Wash, Clay Bar, Compounding Polish, 1 Year paint sealant

This package includes everything in the package listed above but will take it a step further to remove most swirl marks and light scratches. The paint will be enhanced and gloss will be added, making this is a perfect package for someone wanting the best finish possible without opting for a full paint correction.

Completion time - approximately 5 - 8 hours


S Vehicle - $300.00

M Vehicle - $325.00

L Vehicle - $375.00

Stage 4

Paint Correction (One year Coating included)

Hand Wash, Paint Decontamination, Clay Bar, Compounding, Paint Refinement, and Sealant (Glass Coating is optional). This is the mother of all packages. This will be the package you need if you want to get the most out of your paint. There is an 8-20+ hour phase where every inch of the vehicle is inspected and swirl marks and other paint defects are removed. This requires the paint to be protected upon completion. A 1-year sealant is included in the price below. After build-up, the paint will be ready to face the elements again. This package will provide the ultimate gloss for your vehicle. 

Completion Time: 15 - 24+ hours.


S Vehicle - $600.00

M Vehicle - $675.00

L Vehicle - $750.00 

Note ** Based on vehicle size and paint condition **

Stage 4 - Paint Correction + Coating

This will add a durable coating over your vehicles factory clear coat which will last 3-5+ years depending on coating selection once  maintained correctly.

For best results, this will require defect removal via either stage 3 or 4 before this process can be completed.

Prices below include enhancement or correction.

3 yr protection –  S Vehicle - $1100

                              M Vehicle - $1250

                              L Vehicle - $1350



5+ yr protection – S Vehicle - $1500

                               M Vehicle - $1650

                               L Vehicle - $1750



3 yr protection – S Vehicle - $1700

                             M Vehicle - $1850

                             L Vehicle - $1950



5 yr protection – S Vehicle - $1950

                             M Vehicle - $2100

                             L Vehicle - $2200



Interior Detail – $85.00

Wheel Face Coating w/ Nano 1 Alpha 45 – (Wheels not removed) – $140.00

Wheel Coating w/ Nano 1 Alpha 45 - $225.00Wheels removed, wheel barrels cleaned and entire wheel is coated

Wheels off Detail – $150.00Wheels are removed, cleaned and sealed with synthetic sealant. Suspension and plastics are cleaned and protected.

Wheels off Coating Detail – $280.00Wheels are removed, cleaned and coated with Nano 1 Alpha 45 glass coating. Brake Calipers cleaned and coated in glass (If clear-coated). Suspension and plastics are cleaned and protected

Leather Coating w/ CS-II Leather – $125 per seat/ $350 for entire interiorThe interior is coated with a special formulation which maintains the matte look of fresh leather while adding 2 years of protection and hydrophobic properties. 

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